Baby Bern

Hi and welcome! I’m Bernadette, and this little website is my internet home. I doodle, I paint, and sometimes I take naps.

I’ve spent the last eight years doing graphic design by day and doodling my heart out by night, I love both jobs, each inspires me for the other. So far I haven't been able to give either of them up. 

Some of my favorite things in life are homemade mac and cheese, Art Deco architecture, Italian Futurism, watching crime dramas, my cute dog, New York City, and finding new ways to express myself creatively like doodling on Starbucks Cups, painting on magazine ads and black and white photos, and time lapse doodle videos.

Want more? You can also find me on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to catch little snippets of what I'm working on. If you'd like to keep in touch, you can also subscribe to my quarterly email newsletter to get exclusive news and Etsy shop coupon codes.

Don't know where to start?  Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

  • Alexander McQueen Doodle Ad Bomb
  • Girl in the Lake
  • Medici Chapel

Most importantly, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio. It means a lot that I am able to share my art with you